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Unfortunately this product is no longer available, please try searching for a similar product in case we have re-listed as a special combo or the product has changed.

Zenoah ZG26Ei 26cc Petrol Engine-in stock [ZG26EI]  

Displacement:25.4 ccm
Bore:34 mm
Stroke:28 mm
Power:2.3 hp
Torque:1.5 Nm
Power with tuned pipe:> 3 hp
Weight:1,166 g
with engine mount.
Weight:1,362 g
with engine mount, ignition and intake trumpet.
Weight:1,527 g
complete with engine mount, ignition, intake trumpet and muffler.

  • Microprocessor controlled battery ignition with automatic advance, Hall sensor triggered.
  • Runs on one single LiPo cell.
  • Hand starting is child‘s play.
  • Our European version comes with the ZG 38SC carburetor to improve power and mid range throttle response.
  • Comes with intake trumpet included.
  • Compact diecast crankcase.
  • Double counterbalanced crankshaft, supported in three ballbearings. Needle roller bearings in conrod.
  • New cylinder for considerably more power and efficient cooling.
  • Very thin piston ring for minimal friction and maximum power.

Zenoah engineers fitted the electronic ignition from the Titan ZG 20 to improve engine starting and idle. Also engine weight is reduced.
The Titan ZG 26EI including a 3100 mAh Lipo ignition battery weighs 70 g less then the ZG 26SC with magneto ignition.

Ideal power source is a LiPo cell (3,7V) having a capacity of 2500 to 3,000 mAh, alternatively a 3,6V (3 cells) NiMH or NiCd battery can be used. The ignition and Hall sensor can operate down to 3.0 volts.

Our European version of the Zenoah G26EI comes with the ZG 38SC carburetor to further improve power and mid range throttle response.

For small glider tugs such as the "Big Lift" the Titan ZG 26SC is ideal. It uses a liter fuel for about an hours towing. The fuel can be bought cheaply at the petrol station even on Sundays.

Best two stroke mix is lead free petrol and BEL-RAY H1R at a ratio of 1:50. You need neither starter or glow battery. Due to the built-in pump you can place the tank where you wish. Unlike with Methanol fuels corrosion is no problem at all.

Recommended propellers are the 18x6", 18x8", 17x8" and the 17x10" Menz S and 2 blade CF-props 18x8" , 17x12" and 18x11".

The Titan ZG 26EI is supplied complete with ignition unit, silencer, intake tube and aluminum motor mounting plate. The battery and the ignition switch are not included.