Valueplanes Cloud Walker 65in 1650mm Balsa Kit

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Length: 1240mm
Weight: electric flying weight 1185g
Kit Weight: 667g

Recommend Equipment:
Servo: 17g

Motor: The plane will fly very well so long as the Thrust is not less than 800g

  • 2215-1200KV with APC 10x5E, 30A ESC = 905g Thrust
  • 2220-1200KV with APC 10x5E, 30A, ESC = 800g Thrust
  • 2220-1200KV with APC 11×5.5E, 30A ESC =1150g Thrust

Battery:3S 3000-5000mAh


  • Complete airframe KIT
  • Classic Old Timer Vintage Design
  • Extremely lightweight, state-of-the-art construction
  • Everything included to build the basic airframe
  • Compatible for Electric (EP) or Gas (GP) power
  • Extensive clear full size planes and instructions
  • Only need adhesives and coverings to complete


Product List:

  • 1* Un-assembled Balsa Cloud Walker KIT:
  • Plywood sheet pack*1 1:1 installation drawing*1
  • Batten sets Operation instruction*1
  • Acrylic side window x2 PVC
  • PVC windshield
  • Connecting rods with tube x2
  • Fitting bag
  • Undercarriage
  • Wheels x2


KIT version does not included any electronic devices.
Glue and covering is not included.
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