FMS Futura 4S 64mm EDF PNP – Green

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The FMS Futura is a licensed sport jet developed by FMS in conjunction with Tomahawk-Aviation. Designed by a Sino-German team of engineers, the Futura represents the pinnacle of what a foam jet can be.

Futura is definitely a pleasant surprise for those who struggle to choose between speed and stunts. It has high speed, high maneuverability, and excellent handling performance, satisfying players’ needs to experience various flying modes such as free flying, simulation competitions, and stunt flying.

The power system is composed of a high-torque 2840-KV3150 brushless motor, a high-stability 40A ESC, and a 4S 2200mAh-2600mAh battery (to be purchased separately), which is paired with 8pcs high-precision 9g servos mounted on the wings, tail, and front steering position, allowing players to easily experience various control techniques and enjoy the pleasure of high-speed flight. In addition, the wings and tail of Futura have been pre-embedded with reinforced ribbons, and the cockpit is firmly fixed in place with buckle, which allows players to perform aggressive turns, rolls, and flips without any concerns. The CNC all-metal landing gear with trailing-link suspension is highly precise and robust, protecting the plane against rough landings.

Power system: 2840-KV3150 brushless motor, 40A ESC, 64mm 11 bladed fan.
CNC all-metal landing gear, trailing-link suspension, highly precise and robust.
Oversized electronics bay for easy maintenance. Accepts large capacity batteries.
Glueless assembly. The aircraft is built with screws only.
Environmentally friendly water-based paint.
Buckle design latch prevents unexpected canopy release in flight.

Wingspan: 900mm /35.4 in
Overall Length: 995mm /39.2 in
Wing Load: 71.8 g/dm² (0.14oz/in²)
Wing Area: 16dm² ( 247.9
Flying Weight: Around 1150g
CG (center of gravity): 85-95mm
Motor Size: 2840 KV3150
ESC: 40A
Servo: 9gX8pcs
Radio: 6CH Channel

Battery (Recommended Battery 14.8v 2200-2600mAh 25c)


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