FMS Futura V3 80mm EDF Artf – RED

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FMS Reflex V2 Gyro Flight Controller

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While retaining V1 features such as the CNC metal trailing-link landing gear for rough field operations, robust airframe with high-strength wing spars, oversized electronics bay etc, and V2 features such as 13g all-metal digital servos for increased precision and torque, improved durable and reliable plug-type connectors, the FMS 80mm Futura V3 is upgraded with added alternately flashing navigation lights on the left and right wings and taxi lights on the bottom of the fuselage, and a recognizable and attractive red-grey paint scheme.

Powering the Futura V3 is an industry-leading Hobbywing 100A ESC paired with an uprated 3665-KV2000 motor turning an 80mm 12 bladed fan-delivering breathtaking power with absolute confidence.

Go get the Futura V3 and discover for yourself FMS’ growing EDF fleet.


  • Power system: Hobbywing 100A ESC, 3665-KV2000motor, 80mm 12 bladed fan
  • CNC all-metal landing gear. 10mm diameter worm drive, trailing-link suspension, highly precise and robust.
  • All servos upgraded to 13g digital all-metal units for improved precision and torque
  • Large tires- suitable for rough-field operations
  • Oversized electronics bay for easy maintenance and accepts large capacity batteries
  • Glue-less assembly, the aircraft is built with only 10 screws
  • Environmentally friendly water-based paint
  • Buckle design latch prevents unexpected canopy release in flight
  • Improved plug-type connectors for added durability and reliability
  • Added alternately flashing navigation lights on wings and taxi lights on the bottom of the fuselage for reproduction and fun to the flight
  • Recognizable and attractive red-gray paint scheme


Wingspan: 1060mm(41.7in)
Overall length: 1170mm(46.1in)
Flying weight: ~ 2500g
Motor size: 3665-KV2000
Wing load: 113.6g/dm²(0.26oz/in²)
Wing area: 22dm²(
ESC: 100A
Servo: 13g Servo x 8
Recommended battery: 22.2V 4000mAh 35C



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