Macgregor MGB-8346HV 45.5Kg/0.10s HV Brushless Servo


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The MGB8346HV is a programmable waterproof ultra high speed and torque brushless digital servo, part of MacGregor’s range of high voltage servos designed for General use in RC Aeroplanes, Cars & Helicopters.

MacGregor’s HV servos are designed with motors and electronics that operate off the direct voltage of a 2-cell Li-Po, Li-Ion, or Li-Fe receiver battery pack. This eliminates the need for a regulator and lowers the chance for a power failure that can cause a catastrophic failure of your model. Also note that the HV servo specs are shown at the higher voltage (8.4V 2S LiPo) but will still operate on a standard 5-cell 6V NiCd, Ni MH battery with a reduction in performance of approximately 10% in speed and torque.


  • High Performance, Standard Size, Multi Voltage Digital Servo
  • High-Precision Steel Gears
  • Full CNC Aluminium Case with Anodised Purple Centre Case
  • High Quality Brushless Motor
  • Dual Ball Bearing
  • Long Working Life
  • 25T (Futabe Type) Spline
  • JR style plug and lead (300mm)
  • Waterproof IPX8 Grade
  • 4096 Resolution
  • Programmable
Dead band: 2µs
Working frequency: 1520µs / 330hz
Motor: Brushless Motor
Gearset: Steel
Spline: 25T
Operating Voltage: 5.0 ~ 8.4V
Operating Speed (5.0V): 0.17sec/60°
Operating Speed (6.0V): 0.14sec/60°
Operating Speed (7.4V): 0.11sec/60°
Operating Speed (8.4V): 0.10sec/60°
Stall Torque (5.0V):
Stall Torque (6.0V):
Stall Torque (7.4V):
Stall Torque (8.4V):
Dimensions: 40.6 x 21 x 37.6mm
Weight: 83.7g
Connector Wire Length: JR 300mm
Bearing: 2BB


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