Multiplex Kit TwinStar ND


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The TwinStar ND will delight you!

Multiplex have overhauled the look of the popular TwinStar and gave it a new lick of paint.

The elegant design of Aircraftstudiodesign® underlines the timeless lines of this beautiful model. Enjoy the power and sound of two powerful engines during low fly-bys. A joy to behold.

Beginners will quickly experience success with its extremely good-natured flight characteristics. As an aerobatic trainer, the highly manoeuvrable TwinStar ND impresses with rolls, loops, stunts and pinpoint target landings. Due to its favourable design, the TwinStar ND is well suited as a camera platform and as an FPV model. The model with its wingspan of 1,420 mm offers easy transportation thanks to its quickly separated wings. It will fit in every boot.

The model is produced in Germany and uses MULTIPLEX prized ELAPOR – a special premium foam material. With the 3S drive in the RR version, the TwinStar BL rises steeply and holds its course thanks to the standard MULTIPLEX servos.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an Airframe only



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