ORATRIM 2M Cub Yellow (9.5cm width)

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  • Re-positioning – the only covering film giving you a second chance without fear of colour-layer separation.
  • Fuel-resistant – tolerates temperatures up to 250C and can be painted and is highly adhesive.
  • Impeccable finish – follow the application instructions and there will be no bubbles and no sagging.
  • Tough – made of genuine polyester ORACOVER is extremely tough and gives your model airplane additional stability. The patented polymerised multi-layer colour-bond is practically indestructible.
  • Colour-fast – there is no ‘bleeding’ at the edges when ironing over seams.
  • Foam-safe – can be applied to foam parts without problem as the specially formulated adhesive is already activated at only 80C.

ORATRIM’s heat-shrinkable, self-adhesive strips are made from the same material as ORASTICK.

ORASTICK/ORATRIM share the same unique qualities as ORACOVER and can easily be applied together on the same model. The main difference is the adhesive: while the ORACOVER adhesive is thermo-active, ORASTICK/ORATRIM are self-adhesive.

This difference calls for a different application technique: being self-adhesive ORASTICK/ORATRIM can be applied much faster than ORACOVER: Position ORASTICK/ORATRIM on the part to be covered, fix the edges with the help of a hobby covering iron, then use a heat-gun to shrink the film on. Then rub the heated film down with a soft cloth. Being self-adhesive ORASTICK/ORATRIM is ideal for covering foam.

With the exception of transparent colours ORASTICK/ORATRIM is available in all the colours of ORACOVER range.

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