Pilot-RC 50-76cc Extra NG 90in Red/Silver/Black


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A brand new design, built from a classic. In 2019 Extra Acrobatic Aircraft unveiled their latest masterpiece, and now in 2020 Pilot-RC is unveiling ours.

The Extra NG is the latest iteration of the Extra family, each version becoming more precise and more agile than ever before, and this feeds down all the way through our models.

This new design, combined with all of Pilot-RC’s latest build innovations and methods provide a high quality kit that can be built within minutes upon arrival at the flying field and relied upon for strength, agility and all round fun.

Model: Extra NG
Wingspan: 90in (2.29m)
Length: 86.2in (2.19m)
Wing area: 1,430sq in (9,224sq cm)
Weight: 20.11lbs (9.14kg)

Motor: 50-76cc or equivalent electric

Servos: 5 high torque plus throttle // Uses x1 per aileron, x1 per elevator half and x1 on rudder

Also requires all the usual accessories such as transmitter, receiver, propeller, batteries, powerbox, extension leads and possibly other small accessories.

Servos: MacGregor MG7232HV 31.5Kg.cm/0.09s High Voltage Servo
Servo arms: Pilot-RC 1.6in Aluminium arms (PIL302)
Engine: DLE-55RA Two-Stroke Petrol Engine | DLE-60 Two-Stroke Petrol Engine | DLE-61 Two-Stroke Petrol Engine | DLE-65 Two-Stroke Petrol Engine
Wingbags: Pilot-RC Wing Bag for 60cc Aerobatic Plane

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