SKYWING 38in Laser 260 V2 – Blue/Green


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Foam skin over balsa/carbon construction
Newest version with quick assembly wing locks
Factory assembled detailed canopy interior
Pre-baffled cowling for maximum motor cooling
Incredible value with carbon fiber wing tube and landing gear.

Wingspan: 38 inches (954mm)
Length: 40.5 inches (1032mm)
Wing Area: 334.8 Sq. in.
Weight: 715g

Required Electric Power System:
Motor: Dualsky 2838-KV1250
ESC: 40A
Propellor: 10X6
Battery:  3s 1300 mAh LiPo

Radio and Servo Requirements:
Radio: A modern radio/rx with channel mixing
Servos: Qty. 4 metal geared mini servos (JX-1109, JX-1181, SAVOX SH-0255MG)

Required Spinner:
1.75" (45mm) Vented Spinner

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