ST Model Turbo Beaver EP ARTF Includes Floats and Wheels

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The ST-Model Turbo Beaver is a ‘go anywhere’ sport-scale model with both wheels and floats included in the box for land or water use. With impressive manoeuvrability and a 1:1 power to weight ratio the Turbo beaver is well suited to smaller flying locations and can pull itself off the water with ease in float form.

This kit comes with large ‘bush’ style wheels and landing legs for land based use but there is also a foam float set in the box for water use. The moulded EPO foam floats are stepped for an easy take-off and there are steerable water rudders on the back of each one (linked to the rudder servo) for easy water based taxing. If you have never flown from water then this is perfect opportunity to bring a new element into your hobby.

The airframe itself is made from moulded EPO foam with carbon and plastic re-enforcement throughout for the ultimate balance of durability and low weight. The motor, ESC, servos are pre-installed ready for a Tx/Rx and battery of your choice. There are also bright LED lights pre-installed in the wing tips, a wing mounted landing light and a center fuselage light, perfect for those calm dusk evenings. The model is supplied pre-painted and decaled with lots of moulded plastic scale parts such as aerials, exhausts

The large wings produce a light wing loading and with the wing-fences and fowler flaps you can really slow it down during touch and go’s or slow passes. The control response is crisp and positive inspiring confidence at a wide range of flying speeds.

Assembly should only take a couple of hours and like all ST Model aircraft, no glue is required!

• Foat set and large ‘bush style’ wheels included in the box!
• Wing fences and fowler flaps for slow speed flight
• Tough moulded EPO airframe
• Scale 3-Blade propeller
• Step-by-step printed instructions
• Bright pre-installed LED tip, landing & center lights
• No glue required to build!

Included in the Box
• ST Beaver Airframe
• Float Set
• Wheel set
• Printed Instructions

Required to Complete
• Various hand tools
• 5+ Channel 2.4GHz Radio set
• 3S1P 11.1V 1800-2200mAh 30C Li-Po & charger (O-HE3S1P180030A or O-HE3S1P220030A recommended)

Lights: LED Tip, Landing & Center (Inc.)
Material: EPO Foam
Propeller: 3-Blade 12×6″ EP (Inc.)
Type: RX Ready ARTF (Almost Ready to Fly)
Wingspan: 1510mm (59.5″)
Length: 1030mm (40.6″)
Weight: 1415g (50.0oz) with Floats (Approx)
Weight: 1275g (45.1oz) with Wheels (Approx)
Servos: 5x Micro 9g (Inc.)
Radio System: 5 Channel 2.4GHz (Req.)
Connector: ‘T’ Style on ESC
Scale: 1:10
Wing Area: 21dm² (431 in²)
Wing Loading: 51.1 g/dm² (16.7 oz/ft²) with Floats (Approx)
Wing Loading: 45.9 g/dm² (15.1 oz/ft²) with Wheels (Approx)
Speed Controller: 40A Brushless (Inc.)
Electric Motor: Brushless Outrunner (Inc.)
LiPo: 3S1P 11.1V 1800-2200mAh 30C (Rec.)




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