Valueplanes Balsa SB98 Super Sinbad Glider Kit 2500mm

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Valueplanes Power System for SB98 and Leprechaun Gliders

Unique designed aircraft derived from the classic Old Timer vintage airplanes. Extremely lightweight, state-of-the-art mostly balsa construction. Complete airframe kit with laser cut parts to ensure that they easily fit together. Compatible to be flown as an electric or gas-powered airplane.


  • Wingspan:71”/1800mm
  • Length: 52”/1240mm
  • Weight: electric flying weight 1800g
  • Kit Weight: 1400g
Kit Includes:
  • Laser Cut Parts
  • Strip Pack
  • Full Size Plan and Instructions
  • Nyrods
  • Windshield
  • Hardware Package
Only Glues, Covering, Radio equipment and Engine required to finish model.
Supplied in box:
Box Size: 1030 x 230 x 80mm


KIT version does not included any electronic devices.
Glue and covering is not included.
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