Black Horse A6M Zero 15cc or EP Artf


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The A6M Zero was by far the most numerous and well known of all Japanese WWII fighters. It was made in several versions and famous for being extremely agile.

The Black Horse Zero loses none of the legendary agility yet adds a forgiving nature as well, especially at lower speeds such as landing. Working flaps help greatly in this respect as well.

You can choose either engine of electric motor power, the design caters for both power sources. Just choose during the build process. Engines can be .75 to .95 size glow or even a .91 size petrol. The Quantum 2 61 electric motor would be a good choice if you wanted EP power.

Those characteristic curves on the fuselage are cleverly re-created in balsa/ply using factory assembly jigs for accuracy. She is then clother in a representative period colour scheme printed on the vinyl covering. A nice instrumentr panel and WWI pilot are also included.

Retracts are not included but shock absorbing, oleo legs are. Ripmax can provide electric retracts that slot easily into place if you need them.


ESC: Quantum 80A required
Wingspan: 1720mm (67.72in)
Length: 1375mm (54.13in)
Weight: 4.4 to 4.6Kg (9.68 to 10.12lbs)
Servos: 7 x standard 4kg torque
Radio System: 6ch minimum required
Retracts: Electric (Not included)
Wing Area: 46.5dm2
Wing Loading: 94.62g/dm2
IC Engine: .75 to .95 2-stroke, 15cc petrol req’d
LiPo Recommended: Hi-Energy 6S 5500mah 30C
Electric Motor: Quantum 2 61 required
Wing Section: NACA


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