Black Horse Norseman .55 size ARTF


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This model is based on the Noorduyn Norseman operated by both civilian and military organisations since its introduction in 1935. The Norseman was not widely known until the band leader Glenn Miller went missing in one in 1944 but she provided sterling service.

The Black Horse Norseman re-creates those classic lines but with many subtle changes to make her more suited to model flying duties. Small changes to the wing section and shape ensure predictable flying and strengthening of the undercarriage allows her to be flown from bumpy fields without handling problems. The incorporation of working flaps certainly helps in that respect also.

ESC: 60A (Req.)
Wingspan: 1840mm
Length: 1180mm
Weight: 3.2kg
Servos: 7 (Req.)
Radio System: 5 Channels (Req.)
LiPo: 6S 4000-5—mAh (Req.)
Wing Area:
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