Black Horse P40C Tomahawk 60cc ARTF


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The P40C Tomahawk from Black horse is a near perfect representation of the real thing. The full-size P40C is one of America’s most iconic warbirds. The first P40 flew in 1938 and went on to be the US army’s main single-seat, all-metal fighter in air to air and in ground-attack roles.

Black Horse have done a fine job in recreating it's history with CNC cut balsa/ply to ensure each model is lightweight and straight. The structure is then covered with high quality printed film to ensure a high attention to detail and accurate scheme.

The steerable tail wheel ensures easy ground handling and is located in the scale position halfway down the fuselage.

Built for both I/C & electric this model is extremely practical and versatile no matter your preference. Supplied with metal air retracts and CNC metal oleo struts are great at absorbing those less than perfect flying fields and finish.

With its massive 2.3 metre wingspan this model is a real head turner and with the colour scheme to match, we think you'll love it!

• All Balsa & Ply Construction
• Pre-covered in a scale printed colour scheme
• Includes Air 'Twist & Turn' Retracts
• Includes CNC Metal Oleo Struts


Aerofoil: Naca Airfoil
Spinner: 115mm
Wingspan: 2,275 mm (89.57")
Length: 1,940 mm (76.38")
Weight: 10kg (22lbs)
Servos: 9 x (Required)
Radio System: 7 (Required)
Petrol Engine: 60cc 2-Stroke (Required)
Wing Area: 89.5dm2
Wing Loading: 111.7 g/dm2
Type: ARTF


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