Corally Asuga XLR 6S Roller Buggy Chassis ONLY – Green

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Introducing the all-new, extra-large Asuga XLR 6S Buggy from Team Corally. This unique vehicle, offered in rolling chassis form, is 15% larger than traditional 1/8 buggies and delivers a driving experience like no other car available today! Developed with a laser-focus on the smallest of details, the Asuga XLR is precision-engineered to satisfy its owners with the fastest, most durable, and best-handling RC buggy ever produced. The rolling chassis format provides an assembled vehicle awaiting your choice of motor, ESC, steering servo, and radio. As an added bonus toward personalization, the Asuga XLR is available in three body color choices. Isn’t it time your bashing program went big?

Larger in size than other models, the Asuga XLR delivers increased ground clearance, massive suspension travel and oversized components on a completely new chassis that uses the proven, durable, and 6S-capable drive train system that Team Corally 1/8 scale models have been noted for.

When exploring just a few of the details that make the Asuga XLR unique, it becomes evident that this is no ordinary buggy:

70% parts compatibility with existing Team Corally 1/8 scale models.
Massive, 3mm thick aluminum main chassis plate with protective side guards.
Ultra rigid hybrid central chassis brace system.
CNC-machined adjustable aluminum motor mount with aluminum and steel center diff assembly.
Massive 16mm big bore, threaded aluminum, oil-filled shocks with hard springs, heavy-duty 4mm tuned pistons, and oversized lower shock ends.
5mm thick, CNC-machined aluminum front and rear shock towers.
Massive heavy-duty composite suspension arms, with aluminum hinge pin and pivot ball retainers for impressive durability. The front upper arms feature a unique aero control kit for additional downforce and improved steering response.
Extreme 8mm-thick aluminum suspension pin holders secured by eight 4mm mounting screws include adjustable composite toe-in blocks.
Large, heavy duty composite steering blocks with new pillow ball securement features.
Oversized composite rear hubs.
Durable composite steering and upper-camber links.
Three fluid-filled precision differentials with CNC spiral-cut metal input and main gears.
Durable, hardened S2 steel drive joints and axles.
Rubber sealed ABEC-3 ball bearings.
Chassis skid plates with integrated modern front bumper.
Low-profile 130mm Sprint RXA high-grip tires designed for 6S power.
Large, convenient battery tray allows use of a wide range of LiPo pack configurations.
Larger than in size than other models with additional ground clearance, massive suspension travel, and oversized components, the Asuga XLR is a completely new chassis that employ the proven drive components of existing Team Corally 6S-powered models. The impressive size of the Asuga XLR delivers razor-sharp handling, amazing acceleration, top-speed, and unsurpassed durability. Reset your expectations and go big with Team Corally’s Asuga XLR!

Length: 584mm
Height: 210mm
Width: 372mm
Wheelbase: 384mm
Weight (no battery): 4450g
Ground Clearance (max): 75mm
Wheel Hex Size: 17mm
Wheel Size (diameter, width): 130x51mm
Max Battery Size: 51x161mm


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Off-Road, Kits & Rollers



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None Included



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