Dualsky XM4010TE-6 720Kv Outrunner Motor for Multirotor


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KV:  720RPM/V
Weight:  78g
Diameter:  40mm
Length:  25mm
Diameter of Shaft:  3.175mm
Mounting holes pitch:  16/19mm
Slots,Poles:  24, 28
Idle Current(Io) @10V:  1.4A
Resistance(Ri):  67mOhm
Cruising power[8 mins]:  207.24W
Bursts current[15s]:  25.46A
Peak power[15s]:  376.80W
Recommended ESC:  XC3012BA
Setup 1 (No. of Cell, Prop.):  3S, up to 13×6
Setup 2 (No. of Cell, Prop.):  4S, 10×5
Max. weight of 4-rotor copter:  2.07kg


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