Extreme Flight 1.5in Single Servo Arm – Futaba/Savox/JX 25T


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Extreme Flight Servo Arm-1.5"  M3

When you've purchased one of the best aircraft currently available, why equip it with anything less than the best components? Choose the new Extreme Flight 7075 T6 Aluminum servo arms for control surface actuation. Available in 1", 1.5", 2" single arms and 4" and 5" dual arms for pull-pull systems. These arms are available for  24 spline (most Hitec servos) and 25 spline (Futaba, MKS, Savox, some Hitec brushless servos) with  3mm  tapped holes. In addition we have developed a new 1.25" single and 3" dual light weight arm specifically for our mid size electric models (58-84") that is drilled and tapped to accept the 2mm bolts included in the hardware packages of these planes.


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