Extreme Flight FlowMaster 12 oz Gas Tank


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In our endless search to bring high quality and useful products to our customers, we have added a new series of accessory to our lineup. We are pleased to introduce the new Extreme Flight FLOWMASTER ready-to-run gas tanks. The new FLOWMASTER tanks eliminate the tedious process of building fuel tanks and provide you with an excellent solution. These tanks are molded from high quality plastic and feature an anodised aluminium cap with integral fuel delivery nipple, brass fill and vent fittings and weighted clunk. An O-ring keeps a positive seal between the plastic bottle and cap and an additional length of brass tubing and fuel line clips are included for those that want a more rigid fuel pick up line. Best of all, we have done our market research and worked with the factory to develop a couple of the most requested tank sizes, 24 ounce and 50 ounce.


Overall Dimensions

7″L x 3″T x 2.25″W

Note: FlowMaster tanks are not designed for glow (nitro) fuel.

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