Extreme Flight XPWR 40cc Motor


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Xpwr 40cc- This motor is for the EF 78" Extra and 83" MXS as well as the new 3DHS 79" Slick. 12S Lipo operation and 120 Amp HV speed controller minimum. 40CC notes: Our testing carried out on Castle firmware V4.22, expect 90 amps on fresh 12S lipo packs using largest prop, for approximately 4,100 watts.


Weight: 870 grams (including radial mount and prop adapter)
KV: 200
Pole: 24 Stator Poles
Bullet connectors: 6.5 mm female installed, male bullet connectors included
Recommended prop: 21 x 10, 21 x 12 or 22 x 10 beechwood – ELECTRIC PROPS ONLY
Note on using largest prop recommendation for each motor: The largest prop recommendation for each motor is a maximum-performance prop for 3D and extreme aerobatic flying. It is not needed or recommended for sport flying where long, sustained full-throttle usage is intended. It is for aerobatic flight where full-throttle is used in bursts.
Maximum temperature (on outside of motor): 175F / 80C

NOTE: Testing carried on Castle EDGE ESC's with v 4.22 firmware. For best results, we recommend Castle EDGE controllers. We are currently working with Castle on compatibility with TALON controllers, please stay tuned for updates.

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