FMS 1300mm PA-18 RTF W/Reflex V2 Gyro


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For pilots wanting to get the genuine bush-plane experience, the PA-18 Super Cub can be equipped with floats.

The latest 1300mm PA-18 could be a great start to enjoying versatile, fun and exceptionally relaxing flight.


  • Powerful 3536-850KV motor
  • 40A ESC with XT60 Battery Connector provides adequate thrust for any situation.
  • CNC metal landing gear structure for less-thanperfect landings.
  • Oversized pneumatic rubber tires for all-terrain operations.
  • STOL capable (Takes off in less than 3m/10ft).
  • Preinstalled navigation and landing lights.
  • Two-section fuselage.
  • Two-piece wing and horizontal stabilizer for easy transportation.
  • High-strength carbon fiber wing spars.
  • Screw-together assembly.
  • Large battery bay.
  • Preinstalled ball-linked pushrods for increased precision.
  • Tough two-blade nylon propellers.
  • Functional flaps.
  • Optional floats.
  • Wingspan 1300mm, length 986m.
  • TX/RX/Battery and Charger included.
  • Recommended Battery 11.1V 2200mAH 25C.

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