FTX Outback 3.0 Paso RTR 1/10 Trail Crawler – Blue

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GT Power N802 20W AC 2A Nimh Charger - Deans/Tamiya

Radient 1600Mah 7.2v NiMH Battery W/Deans

The evolution of the Outback platform continues with the release of the Outback 3 Paso. Using hidden body mounts the detailed bodyshell features multiple moulded scale accessories such as integrated front grill with ‘angel eyes’ headlights, moulded scale bumpers, PVC roof cover and roof rack, functional spare tyre and tools, mirrors, snorkal and more the Paso is just itching to be taken out on adventure.

Underneath the Outback 3 uses Etronix’s new System 3 waterproof ESC/ RX/LED intelligent light smart controller providing a wide array of different lighting options along with aftermarket plug-in roof lights.


  • 99% Ready-to-Run
  • Etronix 4ch 2.4ghz radio system
  • Etronix System3 Waterproof ESC/RX/LED Smart Controller
  • Etronix 6kg waterproof servo
  • 390 brushed 25 Turn motor
  • 7.2v 1500mah NiMH battery & USB charger
  • Ball bearings
  • Steel twin rail metal frame chassis
  • 6mm steel multi-link suspension for smooth articulation
  • Telescopic centre universal driveshafts
  • Steel CVA front universal driveshafts
  • Oil filled shock absorbers
  • Reinforced integrated locked axles with removable cover
  • Improved 45° angle steering
  • Metal drive spool and crown gear
  • 1.9: Beadlock wheels with chrome nut dust cover
  • Forward mounted battery tray
  • Moulded grill, bumpers, light buckets, wipers, snorkel, tools
  • Functional spare tyre and beadlock wheel
  • PVC Roof cover and roof rack
  • Intelligent LED headlights
  • Hidden body post mounting for smooth scale appearance


Length: 465mm
Width: 215mm
Height: 230mm
Weight: 1940g
Wheelbase: 255mm
Gear Ratio: 88.1
Tyre Diameter: 102mm
Wheel Diameter: 54mm
Ground Clearance: 68mm

Required to complete

  • 4 x AA batteries


Power Type


Car Type

Rock Crawler



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