Futaba 32MZ Radio w/R7014SB inc Case


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With 18 channels as standard – 16 proportional and 2 switched channels – the T32MZ can be used with up to two MPDX-1 Multiprop Decoders (sold separately) to give up to a maximum of 32 channels. When expanded this way, there are 14 proportional channels (as two are used by the Multiprop Decoders), 2 switched channels and a further 16 multiprop channels. Note that multiprop channels have lower resolution to normal proportional channels and they can’t be used in mixed functions. They are perfect for ancilliary and auxiliary functions such as lights, retracts and scale, non-flying functions.

Main Display
The T32MZ has a huge HVGA (640×240 pixel) full colour backlit LCD touch screen. Its anti-reflective construction means it is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Sub Display
A first for Futaba, the T32MZ has a colour sub-display at the top of the transmitter for timers and telemetry information.

High Capacity 6600mAh LiPo battery
A high capacity transmitter battery gives extended operation times.

Quad Ballraced Hall Effect Stick Units
Each stick axis is supported by dual ball bearings and uses non-contact Hall-effect sensors rather than potentiometers. The throttle stick ratchet can be adjusted to sprung self-neutral without removing the back of the transmitter, thus mode changing is simple.

Replaceable Switches
The 4 toggle switches can be exchanged for optional two, three or momentary switches to suit the pilot’s preference.

Operating protocols
Can be used on FASSTest/FASST/S-FHSS and T-FHSS protocols.

Supplied complete with R7014SB receiver, 6000mAh transmitter LiPo and charger, switch harness, tool box, neck strap and transmitter case.




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