Futaba Dual Rx Link Power Hub – DLPH-2

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Dual Receiver Link Power Hub

The DLPH-2 is a safety device that allows dual receivers and dual batteries to be connected to offer both redundant receiver and power suppply to aircraft.

Two receivers and two batteries may be connected to the DLPH-2. Should one battery fail, or its voltage drop, power is supplied from the other battery. If the Main Receiver loses its connection, the signal will automatically swap over to the Sub Receiver. Telemetry is controlled from the Main Receiver.

The DLPH-1 can be used with 2 cell LiFe and LiPo batteries. Both batteries should be the same size and chemistry. The FETs allow up to a maximum of 2 x 60A operation. Up to 18 high-performance servos can be PWM connected and 3D flights with 15 HPS servos have been tested and confirmed. Various telemetry sensors or gyros may be connected to the DLPH-2. The DLPH-2 is equipped with a telemetry sensor function that gives a constant value of the battery voltage. The individual voltages of Battery 1 and Battery 2 can be monitored by telemetry voltage sensors.

Weight: 50g
Channels: Use with up to 18 servos
Current: FETs rated at 2 x 60A
Size: 62.8×62.4×18.1 mm
Voltage: Operating Voltage – 6.4 V to 13.0 V

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