Futaba GY470 Single Axis Heli Gyro


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The new GY470 gyro is recommended for small electric helicopters, entry-level users who are looking for a serious outdoor RC helicopter challenge, and veterans who are considering introducing a second helicopter. Limit point and gain adjustments are simple and easy to handle.

Operating voltage: DC4.0V to 8.4V
Dimensions: 20.7×20.7×11.0mm
Weight: 3.7g (gyro body)
Accessories: Dedicated double-sided tape, trimmer driver, connection cord x2
GY470 Features

Compatible with both electric and engine models
High-density mounting technology enables compact and lightweight design.
Compact and ultra-lightweight gyro dedicated to helicopter rudder.
The remote gain function enables the gyro sensitivity setting from the transmitter.
Easy setup allows for quick and easy setup with minimal setup.
S.BUS connection is possible in combination with an S.BUS receiver.
Supports 1520μs and 760μs



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