Futaba GYA553 6 Axis Gyro – EP/GP Aircraft

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6-axis aircraft gyro that’s suitable for beginners to expert pilots.
The GYA553 maintains the aircraft’s attitude without losing the natural control feeling. The gyro is very compact and lightweight, with a unique vibration-resistant design. It is ideal for a wide range of models – from those with the smallest power systems to large petrol engine equipped machines.

Equipped with an S.BUS output function, it can be installed in models that have their servos connected to the receiver by S.BUS. It also has a return to level flight function (auto recovery) so even beginners can fly with peace of mind.

• Integrated rate gyro, compact size, and light weight
• 3-Axis Gyro plus 3-Axis Accelerometer
• Gyro is specifically for aircraft – compatible with electric and IC engines
• Auto recovery
• Four flight modes: (Auto recovery/Normal/AVCS/Gyro OFF)
• Supports 2 ailerons, 2 elevators and 2 rudder, elevons (delta) and V-tail control types
• S.BUS / S.BUS2 connection to the receiver saves wiring

Weight: 8.5g
Dimensions: 28.0 x 26.0 x 16.0mm
Voltage: 3.8 – 8.4V

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