Futaba R334SBS-E 4-Channel – T-FHSS SR Receiver – HV


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The R334SB-E was produced by Futaba specifically for electric RC cars. The compact form, built-in aerial and short external aerial allow it to be tucked away under a body shell for a clean and professional installation without any sacrifice to the performance. You can use the R334SB-E in 'T-FHSS' mode, the faster 'T-FHSS High Speed' mode or even the ultra-responsive 'T-FHSS SR' Super Response mode making it versatile for racers and sport drivers alike. The HV (High Voltage) capability allows you to power it from a wide range of sources (3.7 to 7.4V) so you can extract the best performance from your servos without complex wiring.

&bull: Designed exclusively for electric cars
• Easy to install and use
&bull: T-FHSS SR 'Super Response' mode for ultra-fast operation
• T-FHSS mode for normal use
• Telemetry functionality
• High voltage capability up to 7.4V
• Diversity aerials, one built-in and one short to fit under the body shell
• Only 7.2g in weight!

Please note:
• In SR model you need to use an SR capable servo, also the telemetry and s.bus functions are disabled to enable this fast speed.
• In T-FHSS high speed mode, analogue servos cannot be used (Futaba digital or brushless required)

Fail Safe: F/S and Battery F/S (Dependant on the Tx used)
Modulation: Futaba T-FHSS SR & T-FHSS
Weight: 7.2g (0.25oz)
Voltage: 3.7 – 7.4V
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Channels: 4
Dimensions: 33.9 x 22.3 x 11.3mm (1.33 x 0.88 x 0.44”)
Aerial Length: 1x Built-In & 1x Protruding from the case
Power Output: 10mW EIRP

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