Futaba R7114SB Receiver (ERP)


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A compact, flagship 14 channel receiver packed with the specifications required in high end models. With two dipole antennas designed to maximize reception in difficult reception conditions, the 14 PWM channels are built to meet the demands of the most demanding modeller. For extra versatility the R7114SB is also capable of operating with FASST or FASSTest systems so it can be used with older transmitters or the latest telemetry enabled models. Using the built-in S.Bus technology it is capable of both S.BUS and S.BUS2 operation. The dipole diversity aerials give the best possible signal and allow you to mount the aerials in different axis for the best reception available.

• 14 PWM channels
• High voltage (Up to 7.4V)
• FASST and FASSTest
• FASSTest telemetry capability
• S.BUS and S.BUS2 technology
• Diversity aerials
• Easy binding button
• Desgned for high-end models
• FASST Multi; normal mode or high speed mode

For those who wish to fit extended length receiver aerials, Futaba recommend using P-RA2-4G/400 Futaba 2.4GHz 400mm Extended Rx Aerial (Pair). These allow the receiver aerials to be deployed outside the fuselage in models with all-carbon construction. These aerials are also ideal for use in jet models, where the additional length allows perfect positioning away from the turbine/jetpipe. With care the aerials can be exchanged by any experienced user.


Case: Moulded Plastic
Modulation: FASST, FASSTest
Weight: 20.8g (0.73oz.)
Channels: 14
Dimensions: 37 x 50.2 x 15.9mm (1.5 x 2.0 x 0.6″)
Voltage Range: 3.5 – 8.4V


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