Futaba R7306SB 6-ch Air Receiver (18-ch SBus) FASSTest – High Gain Aerials – Due 12 Feb


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The Futaba R7306SB FASSTest-2.4GHz compatible receiver features bi-directional communication with a Futaba FASSTest transmitter using the S-BUS port. Using the S.BUS2 port an impressive array of telemetry sensors may be utilized. It also includes both standard PWM output ports (CH1-6) and S.BUS2 output ports. The R7306SB can also be switched to the Dual RX Link system – this system can ensure safety by mounting two FASSTest receivers in the same aircraft.

FASSTest-2.4GHz system (18ch/12ch modes)
Bi-directional communication system
Dual RX link system
S.BUS2 and S.BUS port
6-channels for conventional PWM systems
Dual antenna diversity (High Gain Antenna)

Size: 38.3×22.5×12.2mm
Weight: 9.8g
Power requirement: 3.7-7.4V
Voltage range: 3.5-8.4V
Battery F/S voltage: Set up with the transmitter

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