Futaba SBS-02G GPS Telemetry Sensor FASSTest/T-FHSS


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This highly advanced Futaba sensor allows you to measure the position ( longitude & latitude), distance, speed, rate of climb/decent and altitude of you aircraft using GPS data and the inbuilt atmospheric pressure sensor for accurate readings.

This system is only compatible with Futaba transmitters that have FASSTest or T-FHSS telemetry capability. Simply plug the sensor into the S-Bus2 Slot in your compatible Rx and away you go.

• Easy to install
• Tough moulded plastic case
• Measure speeds of up to 311mph!

Type: GPS/Altitude sensor (using atmospheric pressure)
Vario: -150ms~+150m/s (-336mph~+336mph) Approx
Length: 175mm
Weight: 11g
Altitude: -700m~+5,500m (-766~+6015 yards) Approx
Frequency: 1575.42 MHz
Speed: About 0km/h~500km/h (~311mph)
Voltage: 3.7 – 7.4V DC




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