Hitec HTS-SS Advance Sensor Station Telemetry (55853)


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Our HTS-SS Advance telemetry sensor station works compatibly with all our existing sensors as well as the HTS-ETEMP, HTS-AS, HTS-VM and HTS-SM. Delivering on its name, the HTS-SS Advance provides more advanced telemetry capabilities than any other RC telemetry system and is capable of monitoring all types of models. It also provides engine temperature via the HTS-ETEMP sensor, air speed via the HTS-AS sensor, sensitive rate-of- climb tracking via the HTS-VM sensor and servo performance via the HTS-SM sensor. This leading-edge telemetry module provides the most reliable and comprehensive communication with your model yet. Expect More! Expect Hitec!

Key Features

  • 1 Engine Temperature sensor (HTS-E temp)
  • 2 RPM Sensor Ports (HTS-RPM) – Servo manager (HTS-SM)
  • 4 Temperature Sensor Ports (HTS-TEMP)
  • Current Sensor Port (for 50A or 200A Sensor)
  • Fuel sensor (HTS-FUEL)
  • GPS sensor (HTS-GPS) – Airspeed sensor (HTS-AS)
  • HTS-SS Advanced Sensor Station ports:
  • Voltage Sensor Port – Variometer (HTS-VM)




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