Max Thrust Pro-Built Balsa Double Trouble Red – IC or Elec

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This is our flagship model in the new Balsa Pro-Build Range, I have always loved biplanes and had this one designed in my head for years. With great modern and classic looks combined its sure to be a must-have model. Taking inspiration from many full-size aircraft such as the Ultimate, the Pitts Special and the Tiger Moth I have combined the best of what these have to offer in one aeroplane.

Great aerobatics with superb slow speed characteristics and also amazing ground handling all wrapped up in a model that will go in the boot of a small car all made up and ready to fly. The prototype model was flown on an OS 46 but you can use up to a 55 size nitro engine or an Overlander 5045/10….. thumper motor on 4-5 cell 3300mAh battery. The model comes with all the mounts and accessories to make either the I.C. Nitro version Or the E.P. Electric version. This is truly a model you can fall in love with.

Wingspan 1135mm (44.68″)
Length 1070mm (41.33″)
Tail Span 560mm (22.5″)
Flying Weight IC .46 2.35kg (5.3lb)
Flying Weight EP no Battery 2.1kg (4.63lb)


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