O.S. OS GT60 Petrol 60cc Petrol Engine

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The new GT60 is the largest in the range of O.S. Petrol Engines. It features liner-less cylinder integrated with the cylinder head with thoroughly pursued best intake/exhaust timing and high scavenging efficiency. This contributes to better cooling and lighter weight. It employs the reed valve/rear carburetor system which has high performance. A great power source for big scale and aerobatic models.

Weight: 1,400g (49.38 oz.)
Capacity: 3,656 cu.in (59.91cc)
Bore: 44.0mm (1.732″)
Stroke: 39.4mm (1.551″)
Power Output: 6.0 hp (6.06ps) @ 7,000rpm
Practical RPM: 1,600 – 8,000




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