Overlander Motor – Tornado Thumper V3 2830/09 1300Kv

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Thumper V3 motors are manufactured to Overlanders demanding standards, using the finest quality components. Our High Tech manufacturer uses state of the art CNC machine tools, giving the unique Overlander Thumper V3 design, this design means a lower weight motor with our exclusive black finish for better heat dissipation.
KV (rpm/V) 1300
Power 210W
Idle Current 1.5A
Maximum Amp Draw 25A
Motor Type Outrunner
Recommended ESC 20A
LiPo Voltage Range 2 – 4S NiMH
Voltage Range 6 – 12S
Minimum Propeller Size 9 X 6 (with 4S LiPo)
Maximum Propeller Size 10 x 6 (with 2S LiPo)
Shaft Diameter (mm) 3
Motor Poles 14
Connector 3.5mm Gold
Diameter (mm) 27.8
Length (mm) 28
KV (rpm/V) 1300
Weight (g) 54




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