Petrol / Gas Engine Opto Kill Switch



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This is a must have for petrol engine users, the engine can be switched off via this unit which remotely kills the electronic ignition from a spare servo channel.

The unit is ‘opto’ isolated to give interference free operation, totally isolating the CDI from the electronics of the unit receiver.

The unit incorporates a very bright LED to indicate when the ignition is armed.

The unit is managed by a PIC micro controller, giving it a fast response time and it only weighs 0.3oz (8g).

This device allows you to kill the engine at the flick of a switch on your transmitter and therefore, by using the failsafe facility on your radio system (or a standalone failsafe unit), it could be configured so that the engine stops if the radio signal (or receiver battery power) is lost.

It has come to our attention that some 6014 receivers operate on a lower signal voltage to the servos and some servos will not function. In some instances a signal booster has been required to support the kill switch.

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