Pilot-RC 20cc 67in Electric Power Set – PIL406

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Pilot-RC Power Pack for 67in Aerobatic Aircraft


  • 1 x Pilot-RC CC20/400KV Motor
  • 1 x Hobbywing Platinum 100A ESC
  • 1 x 18 x 10" Wooden Propeller

Motor Technical Data:

Weight w/o Accessories 350g
Outer Diameter 69mm
Length with Mounts 62mm
Length (Overall) 94mm
Diameter of Shaft 8mm (Internal), 8mm (Output)
Mounting Holes Pitch 55mm to 58mm
Slots, Poles 24, 28
Idle Current (Io) @10V 2.1A
Resistance (Ri) 17.8m Ohm
Nominal Voltage (V) 22.2V, 6S Li-Po
Peak Power (15s) 2200W
Bursts Current (15s) 100A
Cruising Power (8 mins) 1200W
Recommended ESC Ultra 100 amps
Propeller 17×8 (5.9Kg, 60A), 18×8 (6.5Kg, 80A)
Weight of Sports Airplane Up to 6.0kg
Weight of 3D Airplane Up to 3.7kg
Applications For 90E to 110E Class
3D Airplane (Up to 70in Wingspan)

ESC Details:

This Platinum 100A V3 ESC featuring a continuous current of 100A and peak current of up to 150A guarantees users high and stable output all the time during each flight.

The built-in switch mode BEC with a voltage adjustable among 6.0V/7.4V/8.4V, a continuous current of over 10A and peak current of 25A can supply enough power for your servos to operate efficiently.

Besides the heatsink on Platinum 100A V3, an extra cooling fan is included in product box to maximize cooling performance (Users can mount it onto ESC heatsink if necessary).

Multiple protection features include abnormal input voltage, ESC thermal, throttle signal loss (or Fail Safe), and low voltage cutoff effectively prolongs the service life of the ESC.


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