Ripmax Quantum II 55 700Kv Brushless Motor 5055

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Ripmax Quantum 60A SBEC Brushless Esc

Ripmax Quantum 80A SBEC Brushless ESC

Ripmax Quantum II ESC Program Card

The Ripmax Quantum II range of electric motors are designed to offer performance, efficiency, build quality and value-for-money in a wide array of sizes. Every motor includes a mounting kit comprising of a tough metal motor mount and a CNC metal prop adaptor that bolts to the can. For easy connection to the speed controller the motor comes pre-wired and the corresponding gold connectors are supplied for the ESC.

This .55 size speed motor is designed as an equivalent to a .55 2-stroke glow IC motor and is suited to models such as the Ripmax Chris Foss Wots Wot ARTF (A-CF007).

.55 2-Stroke Equivalent Setup:
• 5S 4500mAh Li-Po
• 60A Brushless ESC
• 12×8″ Propeller


Connectors: 4mm Gold Bullet
Weight: 346g
Diameter: 40.2mm
KV RPM: 700
LiPo: 3 – 8S
Speed Controller: 60 – 80A Brushless (Req.)
Power Output: 1350W Max
Shaft dia: 8mm


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