SAITO FA-82B 4-Stroke Engine

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In another example of Saito’s ability to squeeze more power out of an established crankcase, they have taken the FA-72 case dimensions and bored it out to 13.80 cc. With power up and weight down, the FA-82b has found much favour in 3D models. The FA-82b produces 20% more power than a typical .72 four-stroke, but shares the same weight and dimensions.

Key Features:

  • Outstanding power-to-weight ratio
  • Same size case as the Saito .72


Displacement:.82 cu in (13.80 cc)
Bore:1.14 in (29.0 mm)
Stroke:0.80 in (20.40 mm)
Cylinders:Single – Chrome Plated
Total Weight:17.6 oz
Engine (Only) Weight:16.0 oz
Muffler Weight:1.6 oz
Crankshaft Threads:M7x1mm
Benchmark Prop:13 x 8 APC
Prop Range:12 x 8 – 15 x 4
RPM Range:2,000 – 12,000
Fuel:10% – 30% Synthetic
Mounting Dimensions:104 x 56 x 111 mm
Muffler Type:Cast
Cylinder Type:AAC
Carb Type:Barrel, 2 Needle Valve
Crank Type:Ball Bearing

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