VQ Models Cessna 188 AGwagon Red/White 75.6in Artf

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The initial design of the Cessna 188 was so successful that over its 17-year production run the basic airframe remained unchanged. Only the engines and the agricultural products dispensing systems were upgraded, other than some minor changes to the ventilation systems. The main use for the Cessna 188 series was for agricultural purposes, but many examples were later acquired for use as glider and sailplane tugs.

A total of 3975 Cessna 188s of all four variants were built during its production run, made up of 53 AGpickups, 1589 AGwagons, 1949 AGtrucks and 385 AGhuskies.


  • Detailed cockpit with pilot, canopy pre-installed
  • All balsa and light-ply construction
  • Fibreglass cowling
  • Aluminium landing gear
  • Control surfaces pre-hinged and installed
  • Battery hatch
  • Two-piece wing with aluminium tube wing joiner

Recommended Hardware

  • Electric Motor & ESC – TBC
  • Servos – 8 (7 for Electric) x MacGregor MG5510DS 9.98Kg.cm/0.12s Standard Size Digital Servo


Wingspan: 75.6in (1920mm)
Fuselage Length: 51in (1300mm)
Weight (Ready to fly): 3.4 – 3.7 Kg
Engine: .60 (2-Stroke) / .90 (4-Stroke)
Radio: Minimum 6-Channels with 8 Servos
Electric Motor: 1000 Watt Brushless Motor (Pichler Boost 90)
Battery: Lipo 14.8V, 5000mAh


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