VQ Models Messerschmitt BF-108 Taifun 63.9in Artf

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The Messerschmitt BF-108 Taifun is a German single-engine sports and touring aircraft developed by Bayerische Flugzeugwerke (Bavarian Aircraft Works) in the 1930s.

The BF-108 is of all-metal construction. Total Number build is 885.


  • Fully covered in weathered detail
  • All balsa and lite-ply construction
  • Fibreglass cowling
  • Hand painted pilot
  • Reinstall Canopy
  • Control surfaces pre-hinged and installed
  • Fixed Undercarriage (Electric retracts sold separately VQARE27)

Recommended Hardware (Not supplied)

  • Servos: 6 (7 for GP) x MacGregor MG5510DS 9.98Kg.cm/0.12s Standard Size Digital Servo
  • Electric Motor: Electrospeed Boost 60 Power Pack (ELE007)
  • Glow Engine: Saito FA-62B Four-Stroke Glow Engine


Wingspan: 1625mm (63.9in)
Fuselage Length: 1300mm (51.2in)
Weight: 2.9kg
Glow Engine: .60 ~ .65 (2 stroke) / .70 ~ .90 (4 stroke)
Electric Motor: Electrospeed Boost 60 Power Pack (ELE007)
Battery: Lipo 14.8V 5000 mAh
Radio req.: 6 channels with 7 servos


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