VQ Models P-39Q Aircobra Summer Camo 62.2in ARF


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Of all the fighter planes that flew during World War II, the P-39 Airacobra was unique in having its engine place behind the pilot. This design allowed for greater manoeuvrability. The P-39 was the first single-engine fighter plane to have a tricycle undercarriage and to have a more powerful armament than any other single-engine fighter of that time.
The P-39 Airacobra was designed in 1937, and first flew on April 6, 1939. Nearly 9,588 P-39 series were built, and flown by the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force squadrons in the Pacific, Alaska, Europe, Africa, and South America. The British, Free French, Italian Air Forces also operated P-39's.
All Balsa and lite-ply construction
ABS Drop tanks
Fully covered in weathered detail
Fibreglass cowling
Hand painted pilot
Control surfaces pre-hinged and installed
Assembly instructions with stage-by-stage photos
Fixed gear
Fibreglass motor cowling
Servo trays
Engine mounts
Fuel drop tank
Fuel tank
Radiator air scoop
Decals and all hardware pack
Does not include: Radio, Motor, Glue, and Silicone Fuel Line
Wingspan: 62.2in (1580m)
Fuselage Length: 45.6in (1160mm)
Weight (Ready to fly): 2500g
Engine: 6.5cc 2-Stroke / 8.5 cc 4-Stroke
Radio: 4-Channels, 4 Servos
Electric Motor: Electrospeed Boost 40 Power Pack

Recommended Hardware (Not Supplied)

  • Electric Motor & ESC – Electrospeed Boost 40 Power Pack
  • Servos – 6 (7 for IC) x MacGregor MG1703DS 3.3Kg.cm/0.10s Midi Digital Servo



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