XFLY 64mm T-7A Red Hawk 4S EDF Jet 750mm

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The Boeing-Saab T-7 Red Hawk, originally known as the Boeing T-X, is an American/Swedish advanced jet trainer produced by Boeing in partnership with Saab. It was selected on 27 September 2018 by the United States Ait Force (USAF) as the winner of the T-X program to replce the Northrop T-38 Talon.


  • Scale replica of the iconic aircraft flown by the U.S. Air Force for training and other missions.
  • Powerful 4S-compatible outrunner motor with 12-blade 64mm fan delivers excellent top speed and vertical performance plus turbine-like sound.
  • Excellent vertical performance and speed com-pared to other micro class EDF models.
  • Fast and precise factory-installed digital servos with ball-link equipped linkages.
  • Strong removable landing gears and steerable nose wheel.
  • Convenient top hatch with clear canopy, cockpit detail and pilot figure.
  • Lightweight yet strong and durable EPO con-struction.
  • Wingspan 750mm.
  • Length 960mm.
  • Servos 9g x 5pc.
  • Requires TX/RX/Batt/Charger to complete.
Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Material: Lightweight yet strong EPO, ABS engineering plastics
Wingspan: 750mm
Overall length: 960mm
Wing Load: 79g/dm2
Wing Area: 14.4dm2
Flying weight: 1100g
Propeller/EDF: 64mm 12-Blade Fan
Motor: 2840-KV3200
ESC: 40A
Flying Duration: 8min
Sevos: 9g Digital Servo*5
Landing gear: Fixed main ladning gear, steerable nose gear
LED lights: /
Other electronics: Main wiring board *1
Channels: 4CH-Throttle ailerons, elevator and steering front gear
Recommended Battery: 14.8V 2600mAh XT60


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