XFLY Tasman Bush/Trainer 1500mm

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XFLY Tasman 11 x 7 (2-BLADE) Propeller

Overlander Supersport Pro 2900mAh 4S 14.8v 35C w/XT60

Hi-Energy Extreme Lipo 4S 3200mAh 50C XT60

The XFly 1500mm(59.1”) Tasman is a STOL-capable, high-wing airplane featuring sporty flight and aerobatic 3D performance. The Tasman’s impressive flight characteristics and large air-filled shock-absorbing tires make short takeoffs and aggressive landings on any type of surface easy. The 4S-compatible brushless motor, 40A ESC, 2-blade propeller and a 4S Lipo battery proved to be the optimum setup for power and duration, allowing the plane to hover, roll, loop and fly inverted easily, which makes it highly recommended as an advanced trainer.

Factory-installed LED navigation lights, plus operational flaps, are functional scale features that take your experience to another level. The Tasman comes equipped with a latch-type top hatch to fit 4S 2200-3300mah batteries for a wide range in performance and flight times.


Wingspan: 1500mm/59in
Overall length: 1150mm/45in
Flying weight: 1800g(4S 2600mAh)
Motor size: 3536-KV900
ESC: 40A
Servo: 9g digital servos *6
Radio: 5 channel
CG: 60mm from the leading edge
Wing load: 50g/dm²
Wing area: 36dm²
Recommended battery: 4S 2200-3300mah with EC3
Approx flying duration: 6-10 mins
Assembly time: 20 mins
Skill level: Intermediate
Age level: 14 years +
Flap: Yes
LED: Yes
Retract: No
Landing gear: Fixed main landing gear, steerable rear gear
Prop size: 0

Required To Complete

  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • Battery and Charger


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