XFLY Twin 40mm F-22 Raptor EDF 702mm Jet

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XFly Model is proud to announce its first scale jet F-22 Raptor in the twin 40mm EDF lineup. For the purpose of making it as most streamlined and true-to-scale as possible, XFly team equips the F-22 with twin power system setup and reserves scale details including air inlet, cockpit, nozzle and full-flying horizontal stabs.

The factory-installed power system, including twin efficient 1413-KV5000 brushless motors and twin 20A brushless ESCs, paired with a 4S LiPo battery, delivers an abundance of thrust for fast climbs, rolls, loops and endless fun for high alpha flying due to the F-22’s low wing load and full flying stabs. A flight time of around 3-8 mins can be achieved with proper throttle management.

Perfectly fitted landing gear design helps keep the plane lightweight and make take off & landing smooth. Landing gears can be easily removed for more speed and vertical performance while utilizing the molded-in finger grips. Thanks to the F-22’s high alpha capability, you can even get hold of the plane by hand with an ease when landing.


  • Streamlined and true-to-scale design
  • Efficient twin power system setup delivering an abundance of thrust for fast climbs, rolls, loops
  • Low wing load and full flying stabs design for excellent high alpha capability
  • Perfectly fitted landing gear design for smooth takeoff and landing
  • Extended flight time of 3-8 mins when using recommended 4S 1300-2600mAh LiPo battery
  • 5 x 9g Servos
  • 2 x 20A Brushless ESC
  • 2 x 1413-KV5000 Brushless Motors
  • 2 x 40mm EDF Fan Units
  • All components can be assembled quickly without glue needed
  • Molded-in finger grips for easy hand launch


Wingspan: 702mm/27.6in
Overall Length: 955mm/37.6in
Wing Load: 89g/dm²
Wing Area: 10.6dm²
Flying Weight: 950g
Motor: 2 x 1413-KV5000
ESC: 2 x 20A
Servos: 5 x 9g servos
CG: 80mm from the leading edge
EDF Size: 2 x 40MM EDF 12-Blade
Retract: No
Flap: No
Landing Gear: Fixed main landing gear, steerable nose gear
Recommended Radio: Minimum 5 channels
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Battery Capacity: 4S 1300-2600mAh
Flying Time: 3-8 mins
Mounting Duration: Around 10 minutes
Skill Level: Intermediate
Age Level: 14 years +


  • Minimum 5 channels Radio
  • 5 channels Receiver
  • 4S 1300-2600mAh Battery
  • 4S Battery Charger


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