Arrows BAE Hawk 50mm EDF PNP 662mm with Vector Gyro

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Hi-Energy Extreme Lipo 3S 2200mAh 50C XT60

Sleek, powerful and perfectly formed the Arrows Hobby Hawk will be something of an eye-opener to anyone who still thinks EDF jets have some catching up to do. Experience the Hawk in action and you’ll quickly realise that nothing could be further from the truth. Packing a sweet-sounding 50mm 11-blade fan that’s spun up by a precision 2627 4500KV brushless motor, this 3S-fuelled semi-scale Red Arrows jet can’t fail to delight with its flowing aerobatics, cloud punching performance and exceptional speed. But that’s not the half of it, the Hawk is also a beautifully practical model that exhibits exceptional low speed handling, is small enough to transport in one piece, is retract (hassle) free and, moreover, gets away easily from an underarm launch. Given that it’s enticingly budget-friendly and such a good performer, we just know that the Hawk will become a frequent flyer in your air fleet and, of course, that equates to superb value for money.

  • 1x Pre-installed Vector switchable 3-mode gyro.


Wingspan (mm): 662
Length (mm): 725
Motor (KV): 4500
Req’d battery: 3S 2200mAh
ESC (A): 30
All-up weight (g): 475
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