Black Horse Fw-190 ARTF

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The famous Luftwaffe 'Butcher bird' is lovingly recreated by Black Horse to look and behave just like the full size! The Fw-190 was famous for its great performance as ease of handling, and this model is proud to re-create that. That wide-track, air retracting undercarriage (supplied) aligned with a careful choice of wing section and tail areas ensures the most docile of manners at all speeds. Crank up the power from a good 1.20 four stroke and you are ready to dogfight those Spitfires!!

When it's time to land, the split flaps are effective and predictable, taking the trauma out of landing a scale warbird fighter.

The stunning, authentic colour scheme is printed on durable adhesive vinyl, which is then sealed with a fuel proof coating. This method is tyried and tested and allows a level of scale realism that is just not possible in any other way.

As a first WWII fighter, the Black Horse FW-190A is hard to beat.
Construction is from laser cut balsa and ply parts covered in an authentic scale scheme printed on durable vinyl. By choosing vinyl, the FW-190 has all the scale details and colours that could not be replicated in heatshrink film. The vinyl is resilient and tolerant to hot days, yet is able to be slightly heatshrunk with care. That colour scheme is sealed to the surface with a durable fuel proof coating over the top. That large cowling is moulded in tough, yet light GRP and then painted in matching colours.

The choice of glow, petrol or EP power is up to you.

ESC: 80A Brushless (Not Inc.)
Wingspan: Wingspan: 1,780mm (70.08in)
Length: Length: 1,520mm (59.84in)
Weight: Weight: 5 – 5.6kg (11 – 12.32 lbs)
Petrol Engine: 20-30cc engine (Not Inc.)
IC Engine: 1.20 two or four stroke (Not Inc.)
Electric Motor: 1800-2300W, 450KV brushless outrunner (Not Inc.)


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