Black Horse Gilmore 60cc ARTF

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Capture all the thrills and excitement of 1930’s air racing!

Based on the famous 1930’s racer designed by Jimmy Wedell, this distinctive model captures the character of air racing in a larger, 60cc powered model. Suitable for EP or gas power, with the distinctive large cowl making it relatively simple to hide a large petrol engine.

Structure is the tried and tested Black Horse balsa/ply airframe, cut by lasers and optimised for high strength and low weight with a pre-printed film covering.

ESC: 120A brushless (not inc.)
Wingspan: 2,350mm (92.5 in).
Length: 1,880mm (74 in).
Weight: 9.4 kg (20.7 lbs).
IC Engine: 60cc petrol (not inc.)
Electric Motor: 5000 – 6500W, 230KV brushless motor (not inc.)


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