DLE-111 Flat Twin Petrol Engine – DLE111


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Falcon 27 x 10 Beechwood Propeller Gas

Petrol / Gas Engine Opto Kill Switch

Idle Speed: 1400 rpm/min
25.5Kg Static Thrust/ 100 meters Altitude
22.3Kg Static Thrust/ 1800 meters Altitude
The specification of the aircraft propeller: 27 X 10; 26×10; 26×12; 28×10;
The type of the sparking plug: NGK CM6

Exhaust Amount: 111.2cm3
Diameter × stroke: 45mm×35mm
Ratio of compression:  7.6:1
Ratio of lubricating capacity: 30:1
Weight:  Main Engine – 2500g; Muffler – 100g x 2; Ignition device – 160g

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