FMS 1220mm Super EZ Trainer V4 ARTF w/Floats w/Reflex V2

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The FMS Super EZ V4 is the perfect sport aircraft for Beginners. The trainer is available in the PNP version as well as in the RTF version with remote control, battery and charger. In both versions comes the model almost ready to fly out of the box and is ready to go after a few simple steps.

The high-decker is made of lightweight EPO foam and features an extremely low wing loading and stable flight characteristics – allowing beginners to fly even at low speeds with good handling. An improved Brushless drive system and an improved propeller lent from the V3 of the Super EZ giving more power and flight times maintained for 10-15 minutes. Version 4 is more powerful with a 9g digital servo with metal gears and a new color design. A sturdy, lightweight metal suspension takes even the hardest landings.

For easy transport, the Super EZ has a quick release for wings to be equipped in seconds.

The flight model is next to the chassis with a float set delivered, which makes launches and landings on water and snow possible.

The Super EZ V4 is perfect for the teacher / student operation on airfields or to fly with the RC to learn the RTF version on your own.


  • Span: 1220 mm
  • Length 1020 mm
  • Wing capacity: 28.4dm²
  • Air weight: 890g
  • Engine: Brushless 3136-KV1200
  • Controller: 20A
  • Propeller: 10×5″
  • Servos: 4x 9g Digital MG (aileron, rudder, elevator)
  • Battery Connector XT-60
REQUIRES:- TRANSMITTER / RX / LIPO BATTERY and Charger /AA batteries for Transmitter
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