O.S. FS-64V w/F-4050 Silencer


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The latest engine in the new ‘V’ series of O.S. four strokes is targeted at both sports and scale modellers alike.

The FS-64V has the same ‘classic’ overall design that appeals to scale modellers that like their engines to remain in character with the model. The performance, on the other hand, is very much 21st Century and builds on the O.S. tradition of constant technological advancement with each new range. In the case of the ‘V’ series, there is also a strong emphasis on value for money.

With a longer stroke than its FS-62V predecessor, the FS-64V can swing larger propellers without a loss in performance. A new design of cylinder head has been adopted along with the increased displacement. The internal capacity of the combustion chamber has been expanded to achieve more realistic 4-stroke exhaust sound and more power.

The F-4051 silencer, which has a unique design to the FS-V series, has revised the internal dimensions and improved the exhaust efficiency while maintaining the comfortable 4-stroke sound.

The drive washer has been changed to a machined aluminium type with a woodruff key. An additional lock nut that prevents the propeller from coming off is now supplied as standard with the FS-64V.

Weight: (Engine): 442g/15.590z.
Weight: (Silencer): 44g/1.550z.
Propeller Range: Sport/Stunt: 12×6-8,13×6-7 Scale: 14×6
Displacement: 10.46cc/0.638cu.in
Bore: 25mm/0.984in
Stroke: 21.3mm/0.839in.
Power Output: 1.14ps/1.12hp/11,000r.p.m.
Practical RPM: 2,400~11,000r.p.m.

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