O.S. FS120 Surpass III w/F-5020 Sil


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An updated version of the FS120 MkII now fitted with an integral O.S. Type PG-03 fuel pump and carburettor with built-in fuel regulation to offer the maximum engine reliability – irrespective of the fuel tank’s position and model attitude. 

The FS-120 MkIII features four ball bearings and a special propeller locknut assembly as standard. 

Ideal for aerobatic, sport and scale models it is is designed to be used with 14” x 9~11” to 18” x 6” props.


Weight: 920g
Propeller Range: 15×8 16×6-8 18×5-6 13×11-13 14×10-11
Displacement: 19.96cc 1.218cu. In.
Bore: 30.4mm 1.197in.
Stroke: 27.5mm 1.083in
Power Output: 2.1/12000 (BHP/RPM)
Practical RPM: 2000-12000




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